There are currently 122 students attending the deaf school.  These children come from the whole of Tanzania.  Of these students, aged between 6 and 17, 63 are boys and 59 girls.  7 of the children are both deaf and blind. The children are educated up to Standard 7 which is their primary school education.  The School is owned by the Diocese of Ruaha; however the government pays for the food, teaching aids and teaching staff at the School.

The Diocese has to pay for support staff and the running of the school and the hostels.

There are varying levels of hearing loss and 50 of the children have hearing loss that is benefitted with a hearing aid.  The hearing aids cost Tsh450, 000 (approx. £170).  When the student leaves the school they take their hearing aid with them.

The senior teacher is Alinanuswe Mwakoya and Philemon is their Administrator.

Whilst we were visiting the school we took 12 jumpers and hats which had been knitted by Knitting Group at The Pulborough and District Community Care Association.  This group has previously sent jumpers and these have been donated to the small children in the village at Kilolo.

Here are some pictures of the school and the children in their jumpers.