The Iringa School for the Deaf owned by the Diocese of Ruaha and located in the town of Iringa in southern Tanzania, is a truly wonderful place with happy children and dedicated specialist teachers. It accommodates 120 children (girls & boys) aged between 6 and 17 years from all over Tanzania.

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Currently the school building and teachers are being funded by the Tanzanian Government; but as I’m sure you know it takes a lot more than just a building and it’s teachers to make a school run smoothly. Iringa employs 13 extra staff to ensure the school can be run effectively, this includes kitchen staff, cleaners, administrators and other important staff members. As I’m sure you can imagine this school doesn’t only help provide education for the children who attend but it also provides a safe, secure family environment for them.

Previously staff members have been funded by a German philanthropist via the local diocese; but since this funding has ceased the diocese are unable to source the funding themselves. Currently the staff members effected are working for free in the hope that a new source of income will arrive.

We hope to find people, like yourself, who are willing to be the source of hope that these special people are so in need of. Without these much needed funds the school is at great risk of being closed which of course would be tragic for all.