Dr Richard Gill

Richard writes: “Having spent a number of years working as a doctor in a mission hospital in Nigeria in the early part of my career, my wife and I were able to renew our contact with Africa in 2002, when we joined a Soapbox expedition to Tanzania led by David and Helen Tilley. This was to help build a classroom block at St Michael School at Kilolo, in the central southern part of the country. We returned with them to another building project there the following year, and the year after that were asked to lead the team when David was not well enough to do so.

We have continued to lead Soapbox teams to the project, and have seen it progress from being a collection of empty buildings to a vibrant secondary school providing a good education for its pupils.

David Tilley long had the vision for a sponsorship scheme to enable children from poorer families in this area of Tanzania to benefit from a secondary education. ┬áHaving been involved with the School for nearly ten years now, I am keen to see it continue to grow and prosper, and for local children in particular to be able to benefit from all it has to offer.”